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  Air Receiver Tank Manufacturers in Chennai WHAT IS AN AIR RECEIVER TANK? As we've effectively suggested, air receivers have a crucial impact in the effective activity of a compressed air system. An air receiver tank is a kind of pressure vessel, which acts to give storage to compressed air to help with top requests in your packed air system; an air receiver additionally helps with controlling and balances out air system pressure. Air receivers arrive in a range of sizes, in both vertical and horizontal designs. Depending on the use, they can be provided in paint finish , galvanized steel, or stainless steel. HOW DOES YOUR AIR RECEIVER TANK IMPROVE SYSTEM EFFICIENCY? If you have a packed air system, chances are you additionally have at any rate one air receiver tank. In any case, do you know why you have an air receiver tank, and how it is doing your system? Air receiver tanks don't generally get a great deal of consideration, yet they are a fundamental part of a compresse